New Apollo Aspire 4G unveiled

It’s three year since Apollo Tyres acquired Dutch tyre maker Vredestein, and the result of work carried out by the combined Netherlands and India-based research and development departments is seen in the new Apollo Aspire 4G.

The first tyre to come out of the international collaboration, the Apollo Aspire 4G is a high performance tyre is a product “totally geared up for the European market,” according to Apollo Vredestein BV CEO Rob Oudshoorn.

The tyre is aimed at cars such as the VW Passat, BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-class and Audi A6. An initial range of nine W and Y speed rated sizes for 16 to 19-inch rims is now available, and further additions will be made to the Aspire 4G range at a later date.

“For a stiffness optimised pattern, you need to have a high grip tread compound,” Peter Becker, chief of research and development, said.

“We have chosen a high styrene SBR and a high vinyl SSBR compound, it is a blend with a high silica content. It was very important to keep the rolling resistance of this tyre on a lower level.”

Improved traction, handling and shorter braking distances are three further qualities attributed to the compound used.
Becker highlighted that the Aspire 4G design brief called for handling effect to be increased by 10%, shorter braking distances and lower rolling resistance without compromises being made in any other parameter.

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Jim McGill


Jim McGill is an award-winning motoring and motorsport journalist with more than 25 years' industry experience. He contributes to a number of newspapers and magazines, including The Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Scotsman, Sunday Herald and AA Magazine.

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