Bridgestone Run-Flat Tyres on a Par with Standard Tyres

bridgestonelogoRecently German and Austrian car clubs – ADAC and ÖAMTC1 – completed a series of tyre tests, comparing a number of Bridgestone’s summer and winter Run-Flat tyres with their conventional tyre counterparts.

In tyre size 205/55 R16 H and 225/45 R17 W the tests focused on the braking and handling capabilities of the tyres on both wet and dry road surfaces.

The tests also reported on fuel consumption and lifespan.

Annoucing their results, a spokesperson said, “the tested Bridgestone models show considerable improvements in comfort and rolling resistance, particularly in comparison to previous generations [in the ADAC Test 2002]. In these areas, there is not a lot of difference anymore with conventional tyre models without reinforced sidewalls.”

Representatives of Bridgestone are said to be very pleased with the test results as for the first time their Run-Flat tyres are said to perform on a par with their conventional tyres on wet surfaces.

José Enrique Gonzalez, Director Consumer Marketing, Bridgestone Europe, describes the importance of Run-Flat tyres for the company as follows: “Tyres with Run-Flat Technology are very important for the company but even more so for the end-user.

“These ADAC and ÖAMTC tests clearly show that enormous progress has been made versus the original run flat tyres from the late nineties: not only in terms of comfort but almost in all performance areas.”

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