Bridgestone Survey Reveals Brits Road Trip Ideal Partner

bridgestonelogoIt may not be the result people expect, but a survey by Bridgestone has revealed that Brits would rather spend time with their partner over a celebrity when on a road trip.

On a humorous side note, only 1% chose their mother-in-law!

Around 3,000 motorists from throughout the EU were questioned and over 50% of Brtis would choose to go on a road trip with their loved one over Lewis Hamilton, Russell Brand or Boris Johnson (no surprise on that last one!).

Driving-4Other questioned revealed that exploring new places was what we looked forward to when setting off on a road trip. Behind that, the feeling of freedom and spending time with friends or family, were also rated highly.

When asked about what motorists dreaded the most, other people’s dangerous driving topped the list for the continent. However, when broken down by country, British drivers are more concerned about long delays – just fewer than 60% stated this as their main concern.

Communications Manager for Bridgestone North Region, Andy Dingley, said, “This poll has thrown up some really interesting and sometimes funny results to support our ‘Everywhere’ campaign, which taps into the urge we all have to go in search of new experiences.

country road“We were pleased to see from the survey that drivers are pretty good at preparing their road trips, as the top three items on their holiday checklist are filling up their tank, checking their tyre pressure and their oil levels.”

Tyre maintenance was something often considered by motorists. This was promising as poor tyre maintenance is likely to end up costing more money over time.

Under inflated tyres not only wear out faster but are also responsible for an estimated 3.9 billion litres of wasted fuel and 9.2 million tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions per year.

A infographic highlighting the key findings from their survey can be found here.

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