Highest Producing Tyre Manufacturer Announced

LEGO_LogoRecently, the Guinness World Records confirmed that the “largest tyre manufacturer per-annum” is the LEGO Group.

Each year, LEGO produces around 380 million tyres. That is the equivalent of 870,000 tyre each day.

Such a high rate of production is required as every other Lego set sold contains wheels for a variety of vehicle types – police cars, four-wheel-drives, aeroplanes, trailers, etc.

Despite the news, Lego has not yet produced a tyre capable of rivalling the world’s top automotive tyre manufacturers. The smallest wheel fitted to a Lego car is only 14.4mm and the tallest 10.7cm.

If they ever started producing tyres with a rim size of 16 inches+ at the same rate, the likes of Goodyear, Dunlop and Michelin may start to worry!


LEGO produced their first tyres back in 1962 in “Set 400” – this would later go on to be the top seller for the company in the 1960s.

Emma Owen, PR & Promotions Manager at LEGO UK said, “being awarded a Guinness World Record for largest tyre manufacture per-annum is likely to be a surprise to many – but not to us and we are thrilled to take this record 50 years after the invention of the LEGO tyre.”

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