Nissan Leaf copy 2Nissan Leaf drivers who venture into London can continue to do so knowing they will pay just £10 per year congestion charge rather than £10 per day.

While other vehicles — including hybrids — have been stopped in their tracks by a tightening of the C Charge emissions rules and the scrapping of the Greener Vehicle Discount (GVD), the British-built Leaf has been unaffected by the changes.

The world’s bestselling all electric car — in both its original form, as well as the newly-launched second generation model — qualifies for a new Ultra Low-Emission Discount and continued total exemption from the congestion charge.

To coincide with the increased congestion charges, Nissan has introduced a new deal which means the Leaf is now available from just £189 per month: that’s less than the cost of four weeks’ C Charge payments.

And as the groundbreaking Leaf costs just 2p per mile to run, drivers making the switch can cover up to 500 miles — more than four complete circuits of the M25 — for the price of a single day’s C Charge payment.

What’s more, parking and charging the all-electric Leaf in London is a breeze, as the city now has more than 1300 on-street charging points, the largest network in Europe.

“The changes to the London Congestion Charge introduced today clearly make the Nissan Leaf the number one option for motorists who regularly drive into central London,” Jon Pollock, Nissan UK sales director, said.

“Importantly though, the Leaf is not a compromise. It’s a practical everyday family car that can come with everything from a state-of-the-art sound system to leather seats. It’s great fun to drive too.”

Just launched in the UK, the second generation Leaf features more than 100 improvements on its predecessor and is now even more appealing, practical and affordable than ever.

Among the improvements is an increased range — 124 miles compared to 109 miles — and quicker charging times. The new Leaf can be fully charged in as little as four hours when using a specialist charging point.

What’s more, the model now comes in three distinct trim levels for greater choice, while a new battery leasing option makes financing more flexible and an enhanced battery warranty gives added peace of mind.

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