Make Your Car Safe for Summer in 15 Minutes

Kia Pro_cee'd GT-3Many of you may be on the verge of setting off on your summer holiday. Before heading on your journey, we urge all drivers to take 15 minutes to give their car a quick check up.

With the abundance of potholes on the UK’s roads, it is vital that drivers take every precaution to ensure that their car is in good condition before embarking on a long journey.

To help you prepare your car for a long journey, has come up with five quick and easy safety tips that can be carried out in 15 minutes:

  1. Check under the bonnet fluid levels – anti-freeze, brake fluid, screen wash and oil.Being able to clearly see out of the windscreen is pretty much up their in terms of your safety. As is knowing you have responsive brakes. These simple checks on the different fluid levels in the car can go a long way to ensuring your safety.
  2. Check your tyre tread and inflation.Incorrectly inflated tyres are a prime cause of increased wear and tear. This impacts on your ability to manoeuvre, control and brake safely.
  3. Ensure wiper blades are working correctly.Despite it being summer; in the UK we are well aware of the fact that you still may have to deal with poor weather. That is why checking your wiper blades is important – even in summer. They ensure you maintain maximum visibility and if this is comprised because of poor wipers you should be very concerned.
  4. Check your windscreen washer.It is all too easy for dirt to obscure your windscreen and the last thing you want is to be moving in traffic or driving at night and not being able to see clearly.
  5. Ensure seat belts are in good condition.We use our seatbelts every time we get in a car so it is vital to check they are not fraying and risking injury in the event of an accident.

By taking a few minutes out of your day, before a long journey, to make the above checks you are going a long way in ensuring your safety on the roads.

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