Sumitomo is poised to launch a “fossil fuel-free tyre” in the next six months. According to the Japanese company’s senior executive officer, Kozaburo Nakaseko, Sumitomo plans to launch a tyre mixing “epoxidized natural rubber” with a more highly refined rubber product.

Sumitomo, to some extent inspired by the Japanese tyre labeling regulations, is using ENR technologies to produce its 100% fossil fuel-free tyre.

Also new in this tyre will be the use of “ultra-pure natural rubber technology,” which is the manufacturer’s solution to increasing longevity, and therefore reducing raw materials consumption.

The natural rubber is highly purified to enhance the interaction of the natural rubber and carbon black, which helps to increase tread life.

Nakaseko was speaking at the International Rubber Research and Development Board’s International Rubber Conference. This year the conference focused  on rubber technologies helping to create the next wave of green tyres stocks a comprehensive range of tyres from all the leading tyre manufacturers, all at the most competitive prices. Plus we can arrange for you to have your car’s new tyres fitted at a time and location best-suited to you.

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