auto-express-logoThis month Auto Express revealed the results of their 2016 All Season tyre test.

The testers took 6 all season tyres and put them through their paces – to find which was the top tyre on the market.

The all season tyres that Auto Express tested were:

All tyres tested were in the tyre size 225/45 R17 at specialist testing centres in Ivalo, Finland and Hanover, Germany.

What Did They Test?

To ensure that the all season tyres were tested in the same conditions that everyday motorists would encounter, Auto Express changed the way they normally test tyres.

For example, the snow section accounts for only 10% of the scores – to better represent the fact that the majority of all season tyres in the UK will not be used on snow much, rather in dry and wet conditions.

The key areas tested were as follows:

  • Snow performance
    • Braking
    • Traction
    • Circle
    • Handling
  • Wet performance
    • Straight aquaplaning
    • Cornering aquaplaning
    • Wet braking
    • Wet handling
    • Wet circle
  • Dry performance
    • Dry braking
    • Dry handling
  • Comfort and cost
    • Price
    • Rolling resistance
    • Cabin noise

The Verdict

Overall it seems as though the testers were not too impressed with the field when comparing the performances against tyres designed specifically for specific seasons (i.e. winter tyres in winter) – whereas an all season tries to be a tyre for all. In the write up it is commented that,

“This test confirms all-season tyres are a compromise all year round, with our six contenders outperformed by a winter pattern, and left trailing by a summer tyre in the dry.

Still, if you don’t want to swap between winter and summer tyres, our all-season pick is the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons, ahead of Nokian’s Weatherproof. Michelin’s CrossClimate fared well, particularly in the dry.”

Standings and tester comments:

  1. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

    “Fine all-rounder that’s really safe in wet and on snow”

  2. Nokian Weatherproof

    “One to buy if you have prolonged periods of snow”

  3. Michelin CrossClimate

    “Dry tests can’t overturn snow and deep water deficit”

  4. Hankook Kinergy 4S

    “Unconventional tread works well in dry, but is less at home in the wet”

  5. Vredestein Quatrac 5

    “Good performance in dry and snow hurt by struggles in wet”

  6. Star Performer Winter SPTS AS

    “Cost looks attractive, but loss of performance is too high a price to pay”


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