Hankook Sealguard Coming to Winter Tyre Range

20161013_winter_icept_evo__w310__hrs_1Hankook has announced that they are set to create a Sealguard version of their high performance winter tyre range.

Sealguard® is a technology within the tread of a tyre which, using a sealing material, is able to repair punctures – up to a diameter of 5 mm – when driving.

For the first time Hankook are set to use this in the latest tyres for their I*cept evo, I*cept evo 2 and I*cept evo 2 SUV ranges.

The I*cept Evo Range

Each tyre features an asymmetric tread pattern to deliver a sporty and comfortable performance – especially on wet and dry roads.

These tyres have been developed to provide motorists with strong traction and a reliable braking performance when driving on snow and ice covered roads.

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