A.I. Comes to Goodyear’s Concept Tyre

Goodyear’s latest concept tyre, the Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban, is akin to something out of a sci-fi movie. A 360 degree tyre, developed to work in conjunction with cars controlled via artificial intelligence.

The new tyre is an evolution of the company’s 2016 concept design with the added bonus of an internal computer – allowing the tyre to feed information into a self-driving car’s on board computer system.

The Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban concept tyre would connect to a car through the use of magnetic levitation – removing the requirement for a physical joint.

An internal computer would analyse road conditions, which, along with an artificial intelligence system, would allow the tyre to aid the car in making decisions to achieve a safe and efficient journey.

Even wear distribution over the lifespan of the tyre would be achieved thanks to the cylindrical tyre’s ability to rotate in all directions – allowing the different axis and planes of the tyre surface to come into contact with the road in equal measure.

Goodyear say that the tyre features an outer tread, capable of hardening or softening its surface – to achieve the required flexibility and grip to tackle any driving condition or surface.

How long before we one day see tyre designs like this turn into actual, tangible products… well, that’s anyone’s guess.

But, it is fun to see this type of design being considered – allowing for a little fun debate to take place amongst motorists – as we imagine what the future of travel may look like.

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