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Top Tips when Preparing for an MOT

An MOT test can be a nervous evaluation for a motorist, especially when it is thought that around 40% of cars fail their MOT every year in the UK. If your car is three years old and up, the test is a yearly legal… Continue reading →

Tyres Badly Worn? UK Drivers Fined £27M in 2016

When something is wrong with a motorists car, they will seek advice and repair it as soon as possible. The problem with tyres is that they slowly deteriorate, making the change harder to detect. If motorists do not check their… Continue reading →

Drive Safe in Heavy Rain Showers

In the wake of the warm weather, many areas of the UK have been hit by heavy downpours, causing traffic disruption on many of the main roads. Extreme weather conditions make driving more dangerous, as it becomes harder to fully… Continue reading →

Easter 2016 – 5 Tips & Checks for Motorists

This Sunday, 27th March 2016, will be the earliest Easter in almost a decade. Although the date of Easter may vary year to year, traffic on the roads will undoubtedly be packed due to people travelling cross country to visit… Continue reading →

6 Tips for Driving in High Winds

The following is a list of some useful advice to consider if you are planning to drive in periods of high winds. First things first, driving in high winds is unpredictable and can be dangerous, so before you leave your… Continue reading →

Key Autumn Car Care Tips

With summer now over – according to the calendar – it’s time to do a quick Autumn check-up on your car, ensuring that you are ready for the road over the coming months. Check Your Tyres It is important to… Continue reading →

Broken Down Car – What To Do

If your vehicle breaks down when you are on the road, it can often leave you in a dangerous situation – especially if you are on a motorway. Get Off the Road Your first action, if it is safe to… Continue reading →

Knowing When Your Car Requires Tracking

The tracking on your vehicle can have an effect on how quickly and how evenly your tyres wear – this can be similar to the affects of incorrect tyre pressure. When driving, if your car or van begins to pulls quite… Continue reading →

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Car without Compromising On Safety

As the cost of motoring continues to climb higher, there are a number of ways to get the most out of your car. The following list was put together to act as a cost-effective way to get the most out… Continue reading →

Summer driving: prepare your car for a long journey

With the summer holidays imminent, many of you may be planning a car trip for your summer holiday. Before heading off though, make sure to take 20 minutes to give your car a check up and ensure that it is ready for a long journey…. Continue reading →

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