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This Week in the Weird and Wonderful of Motoring

Each Friday we like to take a look back at some of the more bizarre motoring stories that appeared in the newspapers and magazines. As we march one week closer to winter and entered the month of September we were… Continue reading →

Bizarre Driving Laws from Around the Globe (Mainly America)

Ok, so every now and then you hear of a weird law which, although technically still active, has not been enforced for years – most often decades/centuries. Some may be urban myths, some may be outright lies… but they’re all… Continue reading →

Let’s go racing … in reverse!

Ok, the weekend is just round the corner, the sun is shining — well, for most people in the UK (apologies if it isn’t for you) — and that means it’s time for a giggle. Now, think of the Dutch,… Continue reading →

Yo-Auto, and the Weirdest Doors on the Planet!

In our endeavours to bring you the most comprehensive motoring news, there are times when ‘whacky’ just seems to jump up and hit us between the eyes; so say ‘hello’ to the Yo-Auto. Ok, so it’s a new eco-friendly brand… Continue reading →

Frontera stuck at top of Snowdon

This is one of the most bizarre motoring news item’s we’ve ever brought you; someone has abandoned a Vauxhall Frontera just 365 metres from the 1085m (3560ft) peak of Snowdon — the highest mountain in Wales: No; don’t laugh. It’s… Continue reading →

Fred Flintstone alive – just – and kicking

As the majority of the UK stumbled back into work this morning after the final Bank Holiday Monday of the year, hopefully you didn’t come across any numpty as stupid as this guy in Detroit. The 24-year-old, aware that the… Continue reading →

Rinky-Dink Panthermobile Could Be Yours

For any child of the late-Sixties and Seventies, here’s a chance to own a part of real life fantasy; the one and only, truly original, rinky-dink Panthermobile — as driven by the Pink Panther — is up for sale. The… Continue reading →

How to Jump the Traffic Queue, Russian Style

Next time you’re stuck in a  queue of traffic at a junction on your way to work, just be grateful there’s not an impatient mini-bus driver behind you. These car drivers in Russia were patiently waiting at the T-junction when,… Continue reading →

Missing: Michelin Man Kidnapped

In the early hours of Friday 22nd a heinous crime was committed – the Michelin man was kidnapped. Well, ok it wasn’t THE Michelin man – more formally known as Bibendum – no, he is safe and sound. However, what… Continue reading →

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