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Fuel Prices To Be Shown on Motorway Signs

Following on from this year’s Autumn budget it has been announced that the Department for Transport (DfT) is set to launch a trial in the new year that will allow fuel comparison signs to be put up at five service… Continue reading →

Save Fuel: How Tyres Can Help

Tyres can improve a car’s fuel efficiency. Actually, that’s not quite true – the right tyres can improve a car’s fuel efficiency. We’re halfway through January and some motorists may be starting to feel the financial pinch after the excess… Continue reading →

Top Five Tips on Saving Petrol

Petrol prices. They’re never too far away from the headlines. Most recently it was due to allegations of price fixing against a number of oil companies. Whether this turns out to be true or not, it is hard to ignore… Continue reading →

How do you fancy just 10 fill-ups a year?

Drivers across the UK can now order one of the world’s most fuel-efficient family cars: the new Golf BlueMotion, which delivers fuel economy of 88.3mpg on the combined cycle, and CO2 emissions of just 85g/km. The new Golf BlueMotion’s fuel… Continue reading →

95% of drivers cannot match ‘official’ MPG figures

The vast majority of drivers cannot match the MPG figures based on laboratory-based government fuel economy tests. Research carried out in What Car?’s True MPG analysis discovered 95.5% of drivers fail to hit the ‘official’ figures. The largest disparity between… Continue reading →

Budget: Fuel duty frozen

Fuel duty was frozen again the in the Budget, and it’s likely Chancellor George Osborne may well freeze fuel duty rises throughout this parliament. Osborne cancelled the rise which had been planned for September. Significantly, Treasury documents published alongside the… Continue reading →

‘Pressure’ on as fuel prices soar

It won’t have missed your attention that fuel prices have, once again, reached record levels. But did you know that ensuring you have your tyres inflated to the right pressure will increaseyour car’s fuel efficiency as well as providing maximum… Continue reading →

5 Top Tips on Cutting Your Fuel Consumption

The cost of motoring is on the rise – yeah I know, we sound like a broken record, but it’s true. One area of motoring that has seen a quite significant increase is the price of petrol. To try and… Continue reading →

Petrol Prices Forcing Cars Off The Road

New research into the affect that high petrol prices (136p a litre is the current British average) are having on motoring in the UK has thrown up some interesting/surprising results. According to research carried out by the breakdown service Green… Continue reading →

Michelin’s £40 Fuel Voucher Offer

Are you sick of the price of petrol? Of course you are. What a silly question. EVERYONE is sick of the price of petrol. Now although we can’t actively help reduce the price – believe me, we’d love to be… Continue reading →

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