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Tyres Badly Worn? UK Drivers Fined £27M in 2016

When something is wrong with a motorists car, they will seek advice and repair it as soon as possible. The problem with tyres is that they slowly deteriorate, making the change harder to detect. If motorists do not check their… Continue reading →

TyreAWARE: New Tyre Safety Campaign Launched

This month tyre manufacturers throughout Europe launched a new safety campaign – TyreAWARE. This is said to try and help raise important issues such as best practices and procedures revolving around the maintenance of tyres, as well as storage and… Continue reading →

Easter 2016 – 5 Tips & Checks for Motorists

This Sunday, 27th March 2016, will be the earliest Easter in almost a decade. Although the date of Easter may vary year to year, traffic on the roads will undoubtedly be packed due to people travelling cross country to visit… Continue reading →

Tyre Issues Lead to 10% of MOT Fails

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) released new data relating to the cause of MOT failures last year. Over 28 million MOT tests took place in 2015 and 38% did not pass. Out of the failed tests, 30%… Continue reading →

Road Safety: Check Your Tyres

Over time a tyre will deteriorate and the performance drop. Time makes fools of us all. It is important to make sure that you carry out regular checks of your tyres to ensure that your safety on the roads is not… Continue reading →

Knowing When Your Car Requires Tracking

The tracking on your vehicle can have an effect on how quickly and how evenly your tyres wear – this can be similar to the affects of incorrect tyre pressure. When driving, if your car or van begins to pulls quite… Continue reading →

Top Tips For Giving Your Car A Spring Clean!

With winter coming to a close and spring just around the corner, it’s time to pamper your motor! Whether it be for a family trip or general day to day use, it’s always essential to ensure that your car is… Continue reading →

Save money on motoring with some self-maintenance

Doing some basic safety checks of your car can seem like a chore, but by doing some quick and basic checks on a regular basis you could end up saving money on repairs bills. By checking the following parts of… Continue reading →

Driving Home For Christmas: Tyre Safety Checks

The RAC has predicted that over the Christmas period there will be in the region of 12 million cars on Britain’s roads, as motorists travel to visit friends and family. Although we may not experience a white Christmas, the weather… Continue reading →

Road Building Blitz – Which Fines Could Help Pay For It?  

With David Cameron announcing this morning that there is to be a huge investment in the UK’s roads, Blackcircles.com is keen to warn motorists of the potential fines that the Government could clamp down on, in order to help raise the funds to… Continue reading →

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