Two highly-anticipated images of the “naked” 1199 Panigale have been released, illustrating Ducati’s innovative and courageous step forward in motorcycle design.

Merging multiple parts into one compact and lightweight component, the extremely compact monocoque construction also integrates the airbox to become one of the key elements in reducing the new Superbike’s overall dry weight by 10kg (22lb) to a benchmark 164kg (361.5lb).

Using the Superquadro engine as a stressed member of the chassis, the short and strong aluminium monocoque is made in die-cast aluminium and is responsible for 5kg (11lb) of the overall weight saving of the new design.

The new model has a longer wheelbase of 1437mm (56.6in) and the weight distribution of the 1199 Panigale switches from 50/50 to 52% front and 48% rear with average-size rider onboard.

With the exhaust system now relocated below the engine, the die-cast aluminium rear sub-frame is considerably lighter and attaches directly to the Superquadro engine.

This combination of weight saving and centralisation of mass around these high front and rear sub-frame areas substantially contributes to overall vehicle agility.

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