MG CarsMG is considering a compact roadster as part of its product range, though the model is not expected to enter production for at least five years.

But the car, which could also be built at MG’s iconic Longbridge site, will not get the green light until MG completes the roll-out of its new mass market products.

The latest MG model to be teased was the small SUV, which was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show last week as the Concept CS. It’s expected to go head-to-head with the Nissan Juke. The Juke rival isn’t expected to be launched until 2017.

But while the new sportscar would definitely generate significant headlines and publicity for MG, company bosses are continuing to concentrate first on the mass-selling, volume models.

“It would have guaranteed headlines, but it would have served to confirm MG’s reputation as a maker of small, niche, affordable sportscars and that’s not where the brand is heading,” MG UK’s head of sales and marketing, Guy Jones, said.

Meanwhile, the possibility of volume manufacturing returning to Longbridge has been hinted at by SAIC’s global corporate communications director, Zhu Xiangjun.

“We will build up Longbridge and be ready to bring the lines back to life when we have enough demand to build cars there,” he said. “We know we must keep Longbridge at the centre of our global expansion plans.”

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