BibendumWith the warmer weather hopefully just round the corner, Britain’s motorcyclists are gearing themselves up for a summer of fun in the sun. And to coincide with the dusting-down of many winter-stored motorbikes, Michelin has announced it’s poised to launch six new motorcycle tyre lines.

The Power Super Sport, Pilot Power 3, Anakee III and Anakee Wild, plus the Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial, will form the nucleus of Michelin’s drive toward a larger share of the motorcycle tyre market this year.

Michelin describes the latest arrivals as six tyres that are each “dedicated to a specific purpose while all sharing one thing in common – being designed to deliver the most complete performance combination.”

The Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial tyres are the two which are likely to form a pivotal role in Michelin’s strategic approach.

The newest members of the ‘Pilot’ range are either exclusively (as in the case of the Pilot Road 3) or primarily intended for use on normal roads. stocks a comprehensive range of Michelin tyres, in addition to those from all the other leading tyre manufacturers, all at the most competitive prices. Plus we can arrange for you to have your car’s new tyres fitted at a time and location best-suited to you.

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