Summer Car Checks

As the UK moves from Spring into Summer, the weather (in theory) is beginning to warm up.

In the summer months, we tend to spend more time on the road – whether it be a trip to the beach for the day or a longer journey to your summer holiday destination.

Therefore, it is would be a wise decision around about now to give your car a summer seasonal check.

There a number of key components you can check, some that will help you improve the safety of your journey and others that will help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

10 Summer Car Checks

Check The Air filter: When looking at the air filter keep and eye out for dirt and damage. If required, replace the filter. During the winter, you’re the chances are high that salt and debris will partially or fully block the filter – this can lower your car’s fuel efficiency significantly.

Filling the Windshield Washer FluidCheck Anti-freeze: No, we’ve not gone mad. Anti-freeze is just as important in the summer months as the winter. This is because it raises the point of boil for the water in your radiator.

The anti-freeze can help that water to continue keeping your engine cool.

Check your battery: The winter weather can lead to corrosion of your battery. So it is best to check the battery before the hot summer months come into full effect.

Check your brakes:  Your brake discs and the brake fluid should ideally be check twice a year -once before summer and once after.

The brakes on your car will require replacement once the brake pad is worn down to the minimum thickness according to the vehicle’s manufacturer – you’ll be able to fine this in the handbook.

Check your headlights: Although you may not use your headlights as much in the summer, this makes it even more important to check them – as you’ll not notice from use whether or not a bulb needs to be replaced.

Check Hoses and Belts: As we’ve previously touched upon, in the summer it is essential to keep the car’s engine cool. You’ll need to check hoses for cracks, or loose connections. You will know if they need replaced if they are not firm.

When a hose breaks, the likelihood that the car will overheat will dramatically increase.

car ride in rainCheck Windshield Wipers: Windscreen wipers help you to keep the windscreen clear from dirt and rain. If your wipers need replaced do it sooner rather than later.

This is especially true during the night – it is estimated that when raining at night, a driver’s visibility can decrease by up to 15 to 20 feet.

Check Seat belts: Perhaps one of the most important safety apparatus in your car, but one that is not regularly checked.

Make sure that they are not frayed and they move in and out smoothly.

“Unwinter” Your Car: Ok, we may have just made up a word, but it’s a pretty good description. What we mean by this is remove your winter tyres.

These can be of a great help in the freezing winter months, but once the temperatures begin to rise and stay above seven degrees Celsius, then they lose that benefit.

Check you have items for the EU: For those of you planning a trip across the channel in your car, check the current and newly launched legislation.

This is especially true for the laws in France – when in France you will require to carry the following in your car. If you do not, you will face a hefty fine by the French authorities:

  • GB sticker
  • High Visibility Jacket
  • Spare Bulbs
  • Headlamp Converters
  • Warning Triangle
  • Alcohol Breathalyser
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