Peugeot 2008Peugeot is confident its all-new 2008 will lead the battle for B segment crossover sales domination. In doing so, Peugeot believes it will outsell the Renault Captur, and wrestle customers away from the Nissan Juke.

Scheduled to go on-sale in the UK in mid-July, with prices ranging from £12,995 to around £19,000, the 2008 enters the mainland European market from May 16.

Such will be the appeal of the 2008, that Peugeot is forecasting 65% of buyers in the UK will be buying a Peugeot for the first time.

Annually, Peugeot will build 650,000 208 and 2008 models, with all 2008s for Europe built at its Mulhouse plant in eastern France. The crossover shares 67% of its parts with the 208.

In the UK, Peugeot is predicting sales of 8000 2008s a year, in addition to around 42,000 208 units. It’s also believed the 2008 will appeal to business users because of its versatility.

As a result, around 40% are expected to enter the fleet sector. In direct comparison, 70% of Peugeot 207SW models were bought by business, with only 30% bought by private individuals.

In the UK, there will be a choice of two petrols — a 1.2-litre and 1.6-litre — plus two diesels, a 1.4 and a 1.6. It’s expected the 92bhp 1.6 diesel will be the bestseller.

The 2008 will also be available in a choice of four trim levels, Access+, Active, Allure and Feline.

All Feline models, plus Allure units fitted with the 1.6-petrol and 1.6 diesel, will also have ‘grip control’ as standard.

Peugeot’s grip control combines slightly increased ground clearance with ‘mud and snow’ tyres, and a traction control system which operates in snow, all-terrain and sand modes. The aim is to limit skidding and provide maximum torque to the wheel with most grip.

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