Felipe Massa Ferrari PuncturePirelli has reacted to the fall-out following the four high-speed rear-left tyre blowouts from Sunday’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The Italian tyre manufacturer, which spent the 48 hours after the race analysing the destroyed tyres at its Milan HQ, has announced a radical new F1 policy.

This weekend’s German Grand Prix will see teams use the Kevlar-belted rear tyres that were tested briefly at the Canadian GP.

Pirelli has also instructed teams that it is banning the established system of swapping the left and right tyres around. There will also be new, strict limits imposed on camber and tyre pressures.

Pirelli F1 Tyres-3Then, from the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest on July 28, an all-new tyre will be introduced. This will feature a combination of the 2012 construction with the 2013 compounds will be introduced.

All the new products will be tested comprehensively for the first time at the forthcoming young driver test at Silverstone on July 17-19.

Pirelli has also given details of the reasons it believe were behind the failures, which affected the Mercedes of race-leader Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, the Toro Ross of Jean-Eric Vergne, and Sergio Perez’s McLaren.

It believes the failures were caused by a combination of factors, and the tyre manufacturer stressed  they were unrelated to the delaminations it encountered earlier this season.

Pirelli F1 Tyres-1According to Pirelli, the triggers were a combination of rear tyres being swapped — putting undue pressure on the wrong sidewall — low tyre pressures, extreme cambers and high kerbs at Silverstone, especially from The Loop

Pirelli has also said it wants it to be made mandatory that real time tyre data – including pressures and cambers – is made available for its engineers during a race. It also wants limits on pressures and cambers to be enforced by the FIA.

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