YOKOHAMA logoYokohama has added to their catalogue with a new high performance PCR – the Advan Neova AD0R tyre. The new tyre has been described by the company as its “most aggressive road-going product.”

Despite the fact that new Advan Neova AD08R bares a remarkable resemblance to the older version, Yokohama highlights that the changes have happened within the tyre itself. Notably the tyre’s compound – this, they say, has improved their tyre’s grip and response.

The new AD08 boasts the same tread design, with uni-block tread shoulders, to help increase the performance and the stability of the tyre. The specially designed round grooves remove water from the tyre’s path, making the tyre a top performer on both wet and dry road conditions.

The new compound created for the AD08R is said to contain added carbon – for enhanced performance in dry grip – at the same time increased silica – which is primarily used to boost the performance in wet conditions.

Commenting on the new tyre, David Seward, managing director of Yokohama HPT Ltd, said, “the original ADVAN Neova AD08 was a very good tyre but it is clear that the new AD08R is an even better product.

“The tyre designers have used experience gained from motorsport activities to create an improved tyre for drivers looking for the ultimate in road performance or for track day use.”

Sources indicate that the new tyre is set for launch in the UK August 2013 in rim sizes between 15” and 19”.

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