FuelPump-1A survey commissioned by Goodyear has found that hauliers select tyres for their fleet based upon the tyre’s performance over the tyre’s application.

The  survey, conducted by MV2 Conseil on behalf of Goodyear, questioned 500 truck fleets from a numbe of countries including France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain between June and July this year.

Of the reasons given for why companies choose a particular make and model over another, the most important factor was rolling resistance, with 77% of those questioned  classifying this as “very  important” or  “extremely important.

The rolling resistance of a tyre has an immediate affect on the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. The higher the rolling resistance of a tyre, the more friction is caused against the road surface. This in turn causes the engine to work harder, using up more fuel.

Over the past decade the operational costs involved in running a fleet of vehicles, like motoring in general, has increased sharply.

It is no surprise, therefore, that a tyre which increases the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is held in such high regard with business owners who are looking to save money wherever they can.

With 91% of the hauliers believing that fuel prices are set to increase further in the immediate future the current trend of choosing tyres which offer the best fuel efficiency is likely to continue.

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