TyreSafe’s ‘Check your pressure’ songWatch out X-Factor hopefuls, TyreSafe has done some talent-spotting of its own, and for the first time ever has recorded a catchy little number to promote October’s tyre safety month!

Performed by a motley crew of volunteers, the ‘Check your pressure’ song — available to watch at www.tyresafe.org — has a tongue-in-cheek feel and a haunting melody, but always keeps the tyre safety message in sight by reminding drivers just how important tyre pressure is to staying safe on the road.

“Filming our ‘Check your pressure’ song was fantastic fun, and I promise that you’ll be humming it all day once you’ve listened to it,” Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said.

“The melody is truly memorable, but behind the music are some very important lyrics with a strong tyre safety message that doesn’t pull any punches. All-in-all, it’s a great way to highlight how important it is to check tyre pressures on a regular basis and I would urge everyone to take a few minutes to listen to it.”

The brand new song is just one of the highlights of tyre safety month organised by the not-for-profit organisation.

As suggested by the song title, tyre pressure is the central theme for this year’s campaign with motorists being asked to check the air in their tyres during October and to make a commitment to carry on doing so on a monthly basis.

Ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated is critical to safe motoring as low pressures can result in a host of problems such as tyres overheating which can lead to rapid deflation. Under-inflation can also cause premature or uneven tyre wear or simply increased fuel bills.

“Just as we explain in our song, checking your tyre pressure really isn’t that hard to do, but it can save you from a host of problems and additional costs,” Jackson continued. “It should become a monthly habit for drivers and we’d ask them to start this during October’s tyre safety month.”

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