Each year over 1 billion tyres are manufactured across the globe. The average lifespan of a tyre ranges anywhere from a matter of months to 5 years.

So, there are a lot of tyres that require recycling, making them a large and problematic source of waste.

Here are some of the more unusual uses for a tyre that has gone past its best.


Yes, one way in which tyres past their prime are being put to good use is through shoe-making. Some companies are using the technology from tread design in the design of their soles – such as Adidas’ partnership with Goodyear.

However, one company takes the premise a step further and creates the whole shoe from recycled tyre rubber – soleRebels based in Ethiopia



Tyres have been used as pieces of apparatus in playgrounds for years – however more recently they have also been used to create the very ground that the children play on.

Recycled rubber from old tyres makes for a perfect source of flooring that helps to minimise impact with the ground when an over excited child falls flat on their face during playtime:


(Playground image source: https://www.playgroundsurfaces.co.uk)


Furniture may seem like an odd niche market for recycled tyres – it brings to mind some rather unsavoury practises! However, there are people out there creating stylish furniture. From barstools to armchairs to mirrors and more. I am just wondering whether the stuff still smells of rubber when someone buys it for their house…?



As we’ve seen in a recent post on Blackcircles.com news, there is no limit to a person’s imagination. Tyres have proven to be an intriguing and ultimately fascinating source of material for some artists, who have turned boring old tyres into outstanding pieces of artwork:


Garden Planters

Considered by many to be a hazard and blot to the landscape, old tyres can in fact turn that opinion around when used as garden planters. There are plenty of examples on the internet of people simply painting a whole tyre and using this as the basis for their planter.

Or there are those who take it a step further and completely restructure the tyre and create wonderful examples of creative genius.


Either way, tyres can in fact help harness nature, not destroy it.

(Garden planter image source: www.sallynex.com)

Tyre Swings 2.0

Tyre swings are not new. We are all familiar with the concept – even if we have never seen one, we’ve seen a TV show or film featuring a bunch of kids (normally American) swinging on a tyre…

So, you may be wondering why tyre swings make it onto a list of unusual uses for recycled tyres. Well, it’s not the swing per-say as it is the new way in which tyre swings are being designed:

tyre swing

(Tyre swing image copyright: https://www.originaltireswings.com/)

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