PriusBridgestone tyres have been named as the Original Equipment (OE) on the new Toyota Prius. Fitment of tyres on the new model will be split between the Ecopia and Turanza tyre models.

As well as using their tyres, the newest generation hybrid is also set to be furnished with Bridgestone seat pads and anti-vibration equipment.

Already on sale in Japan the new latest Prius is soon set for a European launch.

In an article on it has been stated that:

“Bridgestone reports that models sold in Europe will be offered the Ecopia EP150 in size 195/65R15 91H, while cars earmarked for Japan will receive the tyre in a size 195/65R15 91S fitment.

Both European and Japanese market models will be offered the Turanza T002 in size 215/45R17 87W.”

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