Hankook Tire will be supplying original fitment tyres for the Audi Q7 range including the recently launched all new Audi SQ7 TDI.

The SQ7 TDI will optionally be equipped with the tyre maker’s ultra-high performance tyre Ventus S1 evo² SUV – tyre size 285/35 R 22 106 Y XL – featuring Hankook’s new ‘sound absorber’-technology.

Hankook engineers developed an ultra-high performance pattern to meet with Audi’s requirements, without sacrificing comfort characteristics that are mandatory for this class of luxury vehicles.

An increased cavity noise can be common with light weight and low aspect ratio tyres, so the reduction of noise levels was one of the focal points of the work to provide a top performing yet pleasant driving experience.

The Hankook engineers adapted the company’s own silent tyre technology ‘sound absorber’ to their flagship model Ventus S1 evo² SUV.

A special noise absorbing polyurethane foam inlay sheet is applied to the inside of the tyres and is then bonded by a thin layer of Hankook’s Sealguard material.

With the sophisticated technology of the Ventus S1 evo² SUV with its multiple tread radius and double-layer rayon carcass provides maximum tread contact under all conditions.

The tyre not only impresses from outstanding aquaplaning behaviour but also with optimum road contact for perfect balance under both wet and dry conditions. Driving control and safety at high speeds are also improved significantly.

The innovative DTM inspired 3-layer block design, with its special staircase arrangement of the outer rib blocks, ensures an evenly gripping tyre contact area even as tyre wear progresses thereby guaranteeing very good traction performance throughout the entire lifetime of the tyre.

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