Kumho ps91Kumho’s recently launched, and highly anticipated new tyre, the Ecsta PS91 is a tyre designed to deliver optimum performance at an affordable price.

Kumho developed the Ecsta PS91 on the back of their motorsport achievements, taking what they have learnt from this area and applying it to a tyre aimed at supercars and performance saloons – such as the BMW M Series, Mercedes-Benz AMG and Audi RS.

When constructing the new Ecsta PS91, Kumho spent a lot of time ensuring their tyre delivers high levels of grip, with a reliable braking performance in dry and wet conditions.

The tread compound borrows heavily from their motorsport technology, with enhanced stiffness, optimised grip and high levels of top speed durability.

The tyre features 3D dimple technology to efficiently perform heat dissipation and minimising the rate at which the tyre wears – prolonging the lifespan.

When fitted to powerful rear-wheel cars, Kumho have designed the rear fitments with additional block stiffness – for added control and traction.

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