This month Michelin launched the Pilot Sport 4 S Limited Edition Premium Touch, building on positive feedback received for the original Pilot Sport 4 S’ premium touch design – taking tyre design to a new level.

Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4 S Limited Edition delivers a striking and exclusive design, which covers the entire external sidewall of the tyre. With a chequered flag motif that reinforces the tyre’s motorsport heritage.

Tyre Performance

The Pilot Sport 4 S Limited Edition features an ultra-reactive tread pattern design, which adapts to the surface of the road – delivering your car with an optimised surface footprint.

Michelin have developed the tyre with their ‘Dynamic Response’ technology – and is created from a hybrid belt of aramid and nylon.

This combination provides motorists with an optimum handling performance.

Boasting exceptional dry grip and improved wet braking, Michelin have created the Pilot Sport 4 S Limited Edition with Bi-Compound technology.

The tyre is made up of a blend of hybrid elastomer, for dry grip, and functional elastomers with silica, to deliver better grip in wet conditions and shorter braking distances.

What is Premium Touch?

Premium touch refers to the velvet effect on the tyre’s external sidewall.

Through clever use of specific machining process, with the use of cutting-edge laser technology, Michelin have created this unique sidewall textured effect – for a premium aesthetic outcome.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Limited Edition Availability

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Limited Edition model, exclusively sold by in the UK, is available in the following tyres sizes:

The tyre will be offered until 15th September 2017, within the limits of available stocks.

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