In an effort to reduce the number of tyre changes required, the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust have replaced the tyres on its rapid response fleet of 200 cars with Michelin CrossClimate+.

As well as eliminating the six week transition period that was required to change summer and winter tyres twice every year, having CrossClimate+ tyres fitted to the Trust’s all-Škoda Octavia fleet cuts the cost of storage for out-of-season tyres.

Fleet Operations Manager, Kevin Bartholomew, says: “Lives depend on ensuring safe mobility for our fleet, so we simply can’t afford for tyre-related downtime or lack of grip in snow, ice and rain to delay us on a call-out. Fitting CrossClimate+ tyres means we can supply expert lifesaving care, whatever the UK’s unpredictabl eweather throws at us.”

Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres offer both the benefit of a summer tyre in dry or wet braking, total mileage and energy efficiency, but also offer improved traction in snow and in cold winter weather. With minimal effect to performance as the tyres wear, CrossClimate+ allow the Trust’s fleet to continue their services without disruption for as long as possible.



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