Easter is just around the corner. This year Easter Sunday falls on 01/04/2018 – no that’s not a joke – and you may already be planning a trip during that time.

It is estimated that over 10 million people take to the roads over the Easter weekend in the UK each year – as families take advantage of the Bank Holiday to enjoy a small holiday.

So now is a good time to completed some quick safety checks on your car – ready for the travelling madness. Nice and early so you can sort out anything that needs done before you set off on your Easter holiday.

1. Check The Liquids

Filling the Windshield Washer FluidNow that winter has ended (fingers crossed for no more snow storms!) it is a good time to check your oil, screen wash and brake fluid levels – and top up as required.

If you are not sure where you can find these, consult your vehicle handbook or take the car to a qualified mechanic for help.

2. Clean Your Windscreen

car ride in rainWindscreen wipers can be the overlooked heroes a car. Simple yet functional, they are one of the most important aspects for remaining safe. Winter weather can cause damage to the wiper blades, so Spring is a great time to check them out.

3. Check Your Tyres

tyre_pressureTyres are one of, if not the, most important parts of the car.

On average a tyre will lose around two pounds of air every month – so ensure that you check the tyres’ air pressure on a regular basis.

When a tyre is not inflated to the correct pressure, they will wear faster and your braking and handling will be adversely effected.

To find out the tyre pressure your car requires, check the manufacturers’ manual.

4. Battery Power

Over winter the connections of your battery are at a greater risk of rusting – due to the poor, wet weather. Before your Easter holiday, check all the connections and the general health of the battery.

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