Bridgestone’s latest addition is their all-season touring tyre – the Bridgestone Weather Control A005. It has been developed to deliver high performance in both summer and winter while offering the best handling control for a rainy day.

The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 has been designed with a unique V-shape tread pattern featuring a high number of slots in the tyre’s shoulder to increase the tyre’s wet grip capabilities – leading to the A005 being given the highest ranked label for wet grip.

The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 even offer the same mileage as premium summer tyres from Bridgestone – so you can enjoy high quality tyres in all weathers!

The A005 is able to remain reactive and flexible throughout all seasons and weathers due to the high silica content in the compound of the tyre – allowing for maximum potential grip. With optimised carcass construction, the A005 can maintain overall even contact with the road, in turn resulting in balanced and equal wear over the tyre’s lifetime.

Laurent Dartoux, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Bridgestone EMEA, says that the Weather Control A005 is, ‘For drivers who want to stay in control, with the same tyres, all year round regardless of sun, rain or occasional snow.’ She continues, ‘we wanted to design an all-season tyre that keeps them going without compromising safety. This is what we achieved with the Bridgestone Weather Control A005.’

The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 is available in over 60 sizes – to fit 15”-20” rims with speed ratings in H, V, W and Y.

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