After 80 years of production, Volkswagen has built its final Beetle.

July 2019 has seen the end of the Volkswagen Beetle, with the final vehicle rolling off the production line on Wednesday 10th July – set to be put on display in the Volkswagen museum in Puebla, Mexico, near the plant where it was produced.

Final Beetle

Over it’s 80 year lifespan the Beetle has been through three generations, with the ‘classic’ Beetle being replaced in 1997 by the ‘New Beetle’ and the later, third generation redesigned Beetle introduced in 2011. In total more than 23 million Beetles were sold across all generations, with 21 million of those sales being the first generation Beetle sold between 1938 and 2003.

First generation Beetle and Final Edition Beetle

Dubbed one of the most significant cars ever produced and a long term symbol of freedom and fun, it’s sad to see the model disappear from the VW range. Due to poor sales figures the decision was made to axe the ‘Bug’ in 2018 and to produce more SUVs at the VW plant in Puebla – the last plant to produce the Beetle.

The Beetle was given an appropriate farewell as the final car rolled off the production line, with confetti and a mariachi band to see it off. Steffen Reiche, CEO of VW Mexico said the Beetle “conquered the hearts of the people with its special design and quality” “Today is the last day. It has been very emotional.”

Final Farewell for the Beetle

Bye bye, Beetle.

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