In a survey conducted by Blackcircles of over 5,700 people, we found that 49.9% of consumers do not use a glove while fuelling. Many were not aware or had not considered that wearing a glove while fuelling could help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Though gloves are always available at fuel pumps, often worn by those handling diesel pumps to prevent the scent of diesel lingering on their hands for hours, many people didn’t consider the handle of the pump being a potential place to transmit the virus, as is any common touch-point.

The fuel pump is a touch point that is held usually for an extended period of time, allowing even more time for the virus to transfer to or from its surface. Without the use of a glove, or immediate cleansing of the hands, the virus could then be spread from there to multiple other surfaces. It is also important to dispose of the glove safely and quickly using the bins provided by fuel stations. Using an antibacterial hand sanitiser is also advised prior to touching the vehicle again, even if using a glove.

Many of those who took part in the survey complained that recently there have not been gloves available at many fuel stations, with some suggesting that other customers had been stealing multiple gloves for personal use. Others suggested using alternatives such as plastic doggy bags or paper towels when gloves aren’t available. 

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