With summer now here, many people will be considering heading off in their campervan, to enjoy a much-earned rest and place to relax.

Before setting off on any long journeys though, it is always important to give your campervan a quick safety check, to ensure it is fit for the road.

Key Safety Checks

Overall Condition

Give your campervan a good clean. Removing any dirt, mould or general grime that may have built up over the winter months.

Check for leaks

Have a look around the campervan at all the areas which could suffer from leaks. Ensure doors, windows and external seals are not compromised.

Water System Checks

Flush out the vehicle’s water system and clean any internal water tanks with steriliser.

Check Your Gas System

Do a safety check of your LPG appliances. Ensuring these are in good working order and have not suffered any deterioration.

Weather Damage

Over the unpredictable winter months, there could be a chance that adverse weather has caused problems. Check for any signs of damp or damage that could have been caused by long periods of wet and cold weather.

Check Oil & Coolant Levels

As with any vehicle, it is vitally important that the oil and coolant levels are checked. Top up as required.

Campervan Tyre Safety

Check The Tread Depth

The legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm. The best way to check the tread depth is with a tyre tread gauge.

However, if you are worried that your tyres have reached the 1.6mm level, there is a simple test you can perform. Take a 20p and place it in-between the main grooves of the tyre.

If the outer band of the coin is visible, the tyre may have insufficient tread depth.

Check The Pressure

As with all vehicles, it is extremely important that your campervan’s tyres are correctly inflated – this is to ensure the optimum performance and safety when you are driving.

If a tyre does not have the correct level of air pressures the handling and braking will be negatively affected – and serious damage can occur which can result in tyre failure.

To find out the correct tyre pressure for your campervan, consult your vehicle handbook.

Campervan tyre pressure should be checked and adjusted if required before any journey. Always check the pressure when the tyres are – i.e. have not been driven on for more than 5 minutes.

Fit The Right Campervan Tyres

As with all vehicles, fitting the right tyres to a campervan is essential.

Where possible, it is recommended that the same model of the tyre is fitted across the vehicle. Or at the very least, matching models across the two axels.

Due to the size and nature of campervans, many will require tyres designed for light commercial (“C” or “CP”).

To find out if your campervan requires this type of tyre, check your handbook – or contact the manufacturer for clarification.

It is important to note that the original tyre specification should not change, without first checking against vehicle or tyre manufacturer.

It is not recommended to fit tyres with a lesser speed rating or load capacity.

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