Tyre Safety Month, which takes place in October every year, is a campaign set up by TyreSafe. October is chosen as it coincides with the worst of the British weather beginning, nights getting darker and roads becoming frosty or icey.

This year’s ‘ACT’ campaign focusses on the three key areas of routine tyre maintenance; Air pressure, Condition and Tread depth – hence, ACT. Set to encourage drivers to check their tyres on a monthly basis and before long journeys, TyreSafe have created a number of posters reminiscent of famous films, posing the question – Are your tyres ready for ACTion?

Three simple tests you can do, checking the key areas and ensuring your tyres are safe for the road are:

Air pressure: Use an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check tyres’ air pressure is at the recommended settings. Check the vehicles owner’s handbook, fuel filler cap or door check to find the recommended pressure for your vehicles tyres.

We also cover this in our Beginner’s Guide to Tyres.

Condition: Lumps or bulges in a tyre may indicate internal damage and increase the risk of a catastrophic failure. If these, or cuts and cracks, are found while checking a tyre, the tyre may need replacing and professional advice should be sought.

Tread depth: Tread depth should be checked with an accurate gauge to ensure it is above the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm. If you don’t have an accurate tread depth gauge, a 20p can be used as a guide to how close your tread is to the limit if you don’t have a tread depth gauge available.

Find out how to use a 20p to check your tread depth here.

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