Automotive publication evo have published the results of their 2020 Tyre Test. This year evo tested 19-inch UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyres in the most popular size; 235/35R19, a size common on many high performance hatchbacks such as the VW Golf R and Ford Focus RS.

The car used for this year’s test was a Mk7.5 Volkswagen Golf GTI, a 242bhp front-wheel-drive car with DSG automatic gearbox. Chosen for it’s consistent platform that provides good feedback to the driver, as well as its ability to expose weakness in any of the tyres such as lack of grip.

The Tyres

Seven tyres from most of the well-known brands took part in the test. However, not included this year were Bridgestone, as their latest UHP tyre is being released in 2021 and Yokohama as they could to covid-19 preventing them from having the tyre request fulfilled in time for evo’s test. The tyres that were used in the test were:

Contintental SportContact 6

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

Nokian Powerproof

Pirelli P Zero (PZ4)

Vredestein Ultrac Vorti

The Test

As part of the test evo magazine put each tyre through it’s paces, assessing the following aspects of performance:

  • Wet Handling
  • Lateral Wet Grip
  • Wet & Dry Breaking
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Aquaplaning
  • Dry Handling 

The Results

1st – Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

We say: A firm favourite with customers with over 1700 reviews. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S is praised for its grip, comfort and handling performance.

evo says: Good in the wet and outstanding in the dry. A great tyre that will improve the feel of your performance car.

2nd – Continental SportContact 6

We say: The Continental consistently scores well amongst customers. Customer reviews focus on the tyre’s good levels of grip, handling and performance.

evo says: The SportContact 6 lacked corner traction in the wet, but was good elsewhere and highly rated in the dry for steering feel and refinement.

3rd – Pirelli P Zero ‘PZ4’

We say: This new model is already gaining good reviews. With a score of 4.6/5, positive reviews highlight excellent grip and wet performance.

evo says: The ‘PZ4’ P Zero was outstanding in the wet and felt the most connected and grippy in the wet. It lacked the steering feel and feedback of the best.

4th – Nokian Powerproof

We say: The Nokian is not a tyre we sell. As such we are unfortunately unable to provide any insight into its popularity with our customers.

evo says: Not the most tactile or sharpest steering but delivered strong performances in the wet. Combined with decent everyday refinement and good value.

5th – Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport

We say: The Goodyear is a tyre that has impressed customers, leading to a 4.7/5 overall review score. Excellent grip and handling are often cited.

evo says: The Eagle F1 SuperSport had steering feel and feedback as good as the best, achieving strong dry results. While steering was outstanding it was noisy and bumpy on poor surfaces.

6th – Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2

We say: With an overall review score of 4.6/5, over 1900 motorists have been impressed with the Dublop, many commenting on its low noise and reliable grip.

evo says: By far the best in aquaplaning, the Sport Maxx RT2 was also highly rated on the wed handling circuit. It wasn’t as impressive in the dry and also marked down for lack of feel and refinement.

7th – Vredestein Ultrac Vorti

We say: Despite not scoring highly on tyre label scores for fuel efficiency, customers have overall been happy when buying this tyre. Positive reviews often comment on road holding and braking performance.

evo says: The Ultrac Vorti is a decent tyre that showed well in the aquaplaning tests and on the dry circuit. Near the bottom in many tests and subjectively was noisy and lacked the connection of the best.

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