Personalised number plates have been popular in the UK for many years, often representing a name or word that means something to the owner. Though a personalised number plate can be had for as little as £250 from the DVLA, there are some that command thousands and even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Ahead of the March number plate change, Auto Trader – the digital marketplace for new & used cars – collated a list of the 21 most expensive private registrations sold in the UK.

  1. 25 O (£518,480) – This private reg was purchased at auction by a Ferrari dealer for his classic Ferrari 250 SWB. At present, this is the most expensive plate that has ever been sold by the DVLA.
  1. X 1 (£502,500) – Originally listed for an eye watering £1million, however the buyer managed to grab a ‘bargain’ paying a little over half the asking price in 2012.
  1. G 1 (£500,000) – When this plate was sold in 2011 it was the most expensive plate at the time. 
  1. RR 1 (£472,000) – Sold in 2018 and appropriately put on a Rolls Royce. Described as “one of the most special” registration plates in the world ahead of its sale at the Goodwood Revival.
  1. F 1 (£440,625) – Obviously a very sought after registration, given its links to Formula 1 and motorsport implications.
  1. S 1 (£404,063) – The first ever number plate issued in Scotland, S1 was sold in 2008 and initially fitted on a Skoda – it now resides more fittingly on a Rolls Royce.
  1. 1 D (£352,411) – Sold in 2009 to a property developer, this registration is currently on a Bentley – we suppose the owner must be a big One Direction fan.
  1. 1 S (£340,000) – In 2010 this private registration was purchased for a Rolls Royce Phantom and is likely to have doubled in value since.
  1. M 1 (£331,500) – Purchased in 2006 by a multimillionaire property developer, apparently for his son’s 6th birthday – though it’s likely being ‘keep safe’ for him until then.
  1. GB 1 (£325,000) – Currently fitted to a Rolls Royce, quite fitting for the British made luxury vehicle. 
  1. D 2 (£300,096)
  2. VIP 1 (£285,000)
  3. 1 BM (£285,000)
  4. V 1 (£275,000)
  5. S 5 (£270,300)
  6. GN 1 (£260,146)
  7. GS 1 (£258,775)
  8. 51 NGH (£254,000)
  9. 1 RH (£247,952)
  10. MS 1 (£235,000)
  11. MG 1 (£235,000)

Love them or hate them, private registrations can be a great way to personalise your car – and evidently can be a great investment or family heirloom. Think we’ll stick to the once at the lower end of the price range for now though.

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