Since its first season in 2014, Michelin have been a partner of the FIA Formula E Championship. It was announced in 2020 that Michelin will continue as the exclusive tyre supplier to the electric single-seater championship until the end of the 2021/22 season.

After a decision from the FIA a new tyre supplier will take over following the 2021/22 season. Formula E has been used by Michelin over the last six years as an innovation laboratory, assisting in the development of lightweight, fuel efficient and high performing tyres.

Since the first season, the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tyre has undergone various changes and is now in it’s third generation and uses more than 9kg less in raw materials per set versus the original model. These technologies and research have made their way into Michelin’s road tyres also, including the newly launched Michelin Pilot Sport EV.

The Formula E series uses 18-inch diameter tyres which are closer to those used on road-going vehicles. This has allowed the transfer of innovation to road tyres to become a less difficult task, this example is soon to be found in Formula 1 also. Though what separates Formula E from other motorsport is their commitment to sustainability, diversity and positive environmental change. This year Formula E launched their ‘Change. Accelerated.’ campaign promoting how they plan to drive change in terms of fighting climate change, diversity and inclusion as well as by working with UNICEF to support sustainable education programmes.

The championship is now in it’s seventh season, with the next race (Round 7) set to take place on 8th May in Monaco. Racing only on street-circuits, Formula E brings the action to the heart of major cities including Rome, London and New York. Round 7 takes place at 4pm on 8th May, and can be viewed online here: