are proud to be the UK’s first supplier of 3D Tyre Printing files, following recent Government legislation allowing for the use of 3D printed tyres on private land. 

This pioneering technology allows those with access to 3D printers to print their own tyres for vehicles used on private land and is the next step in tyre manufacturing. With many off-road and ATV tyres available, those in the agricultural community are likely to benefit most from this service first. 

Though, as the technology develops it is hoped that the 3D Printed Tyres will become approved for use on public roads but for the time being anyone caught using these on public roads could face up to £2500 in fines and 6 penalty points on their licence.

In order to print your own tyres you will need access to a suitable 3D printer with printing bed at least the size of the tyre being printed, which for ATV tyres could be just 10 square inches. Blackcircles also offer the appropriate filament type for each of the tyre files offered, a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) filament is used due to its rubber-like qualities and durability.

To get started printing your own tyres, simply order the appropriate tyre file in the format and size of your choice, all instructions and printer settings are also provided with the file. The files are encrypted and can be used to print up to two tyres, to print four complete tyres a second file must be purchased.

View the full range of 3D Printed Tyres on the ‘Print Your Tyres’ section of our website.

For those of you reading this after the day it was published – belated April Fool’s!

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