In a recent TrustPilot review, one of our customers was incredibly happy with the service, but fed back that some terms could be explained more clearly:

So, today we are going to answer that question.

What Does Fully Fitted Mean?

When we write fully fitted, it means that the tyres that you order will be sent to the garage of your choice and then on the day of your appointment the fitters will:

  • Remove the old tyres – using your car’s locking wheel nut key and the correct tools, the wheels will be taken off and the old tyres removed.
  • Balance the wheels – once the new tyres are fitted onto the wheels, balancing checks are required to make sure the weight is being distributed evenly. Small weights are either added or removed as required to the wheel. By ensuring the wheels are correctly balanced, your car should not suffer from vibrations or adverse driving experiences. (Note: this is different from tracking and wheel alignment, which happens when the wheels are fitted to the car – and is not included as part of fully fitted).
  • Add new rubber valves as standard, new rubber valves are included when the tyres are fitted to the wheel prior to balancing.
  • Fit the newly balanced wheels & tyres – now your wheels, with the new tyres fitted, have been correctly balanced – they are remounted onto your vehicle, again using the correct machinery and tools.
  • Dispose of the old tyres – your old tyres are then disposed of in a safe manner by the fitter.

All of this takes place by teams of experts, so you have nothing to worry about except arriving for the fitting appointment.

Additionally, the cost of all these tasks are included in the price of your tyres when ordering ‘fully fitted tyres’ – and means that there is nothing to pay on the day of your fitting.

If you are looking to the answer to your own questions, we have a help centre full of useful information, covering some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

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