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Natasha Probert

Top Tips For Giving Your Car A Spring Clean!

With winter coming to a close and spring just around the corner, it’s time to pamper your motor! Whether it be for a family trip or general day to day use, it’s always essential to ensure that your car is… Continue Reading →

World Cat Day: 5 Ways a Cat Can Enjoy Tyres

In conjunction with World Cat Day, we thought it would only be fair to write a cat/tyre related post…So here we have five different ways in which a cat can enjoy a tyre. First up we have The ‘Fort /… Continue Reading →

Auto Themed Places Around The Globe: Part 3

Here we have more fantastic locations to add our auto map. From the V1 Concept restaurant and bar, to the VW Beetle restaurant and home to finally, our wild card, the Farmhouse – Seneca Lake, New York. V1 Concept Restaurant and… Continue Reading →

This Week’s Weird & Wonderful Motoring Stories

Another week has passed and it seems that more crazy antics have taken place in the motoring world. This week, we can welcome turtle rescues to drink-driving pensioners to F1 punch-outs…. Kia like tortoises… Kia have spent a whopping $3.5… Continue Reading →

Auto Themed Places around the Globe: Part 2

Another week has past and we have found some fantastic locations. From the US to Europe, we’ve got a few crackers to add to the collection. Vinsetta Garage on Woodward Avenue in Detroit Nothing pays tribute to Detroit’s auto history… Continue Reading →

The Weird & Wonderful World Of Motoring

Well it’s definitely been a weird and wonderful week…from a Lexus, strobe infused light show to Mario Kart, we’ve witnessed it all… Lexus create strobe infused extravaganza! Yes…this really was as epic as it sounds… Lexus certainly know how to… Continue Reading →

Auto Themed Places around the Globe

Imagine a map, pin pointing some of the top spots for auto lovers…well that’s what we aim to do in the upcoming weeks. At Blackcircles.com, we are going to be running a mini-series exploring some of the coolest places that… Continue Reading →

The Latest in the Wonderful World of Motoring!

Well, it has certainly been an interesting week in the world of motoring…from duck stampedes to shocking driving skills, we’ve seen it all. Stranded on a B&Q Island First up, say hello to one of the worst Mercedes drivers known… Continue Reading →

TOP 5 Strangest Cars You Can Purchase on Auto Trader

Introduction When purchasing cars on Auto Trader, you will be surprised to find that there are some hidden gems owned by familiar faces! From previously owned celebrity cars to strange looking vehicles, the company caters to it all. Here we… Continue Reading →

Integrated Car Technology– Who will wear the crown?

The advancement of technology within the car industry is evolving like never before. This increase has resulted in the key technology market leaders fighting for the spotlight. Car technology in recent years has not had the chance to flourish the… Continue Reading →

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