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Auto Express Tyre Test 2020 with Blackcircles.com

Motoring magazine and website Auto Express have unveiled their annual Tyre Test. In this year’s test, experts trial 10 tyres nominated by manufacturers in the world’s top-selling size (205/55R16) to find out which tyre is best. The test was completed… Continue Reading →

5 Classics You Should Buy

With Autumn setting in and Winter just around the corner, many of us will be tucking our pride and joy away in the garage ready to be tinkered with through the cold months before having ready to emerge next year… Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Tyres for your Car

Load ratings, speed ratings, sidewall aspect ratios; finding the right tyres for your car can be a real minefield if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even once you know your size there can be so many options available… Continue Reading →

The Art to Entertaining Children on Long Car Journeys

The thought of travelling on a long journey with small children can at times seem like a daunting endeavour, especially if they become bored and the infamous words are uttered: “are we there yet?!” However, with a little preparation and… Continue Reading →

How To Check Your Tread Depth

Checking the tread depth of a tyre is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do and could save you a small fortune in the long run – it could also save your life! In a 2013 survey,… Continue Reading →

The UK’s Best Driving Roads

It’s been a long few months without the ability to travel. But, finally, we’re able to venture out further than 5 miles from our home. Though many of us wish we could be relaxing on a beach somewhere tropical with… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Tyres

The very first pneumatic tyres designed by John Dunlop were based simply on a hollow, rubber tube filled with air and were designed to improve the comfort of his son’s tricycle. Originally narrow and tall, similar to the tyres on… Continue Reading →

UK Hotspots for a Bank Holiday Weekend

With the tourism starting to open up in the UK and uncertainty about travelling abroad, many Brits are opting for staycations and UK getaways. We thought we would put together this list of some great places you can visit in… Continue Reading →

MOT Test Guide

Every car between 3 and 40 years old has to pass an annual MOT Test to ensure the vehicle is fit for the road. For many motorists, MOT time can be a worrying time. The time between handing the vehicle… Continue Reading →

Campervan Safety Checks

With summer now here, many people will be considering heading off in their campervan, to enjoy a much-earned rest and place to relax. Before setting off on any long journeys though, it is always important to give your campervan a… Continue Reading →

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